From the dance hallsto sewing machines...

Discover the world of Mathias Landau, where aesthetics and art are one, and how the designer pushes the boundaries of fashion by creating exceptional pieces.


From inspiration to realization

Our identity

In the identity of his brand Landau, Mathias Leignadier Landau, dancer and fashion designer, aims to offer a fresh perspective in the creation of his pieces, by combining in perfect measure the minimalist elegance of the dancer with the creativity of the fashion designer who allows the singularity of each body to express itself.

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Our values

Landau offers high-quality, 100% handmade products made in France. LGBTQI+ friendly, our brand is fully inclusive and non-gendered. It caters to all body types and sizes. Our pieces are not meant to just clothe you, but to enhance your beauty. More than just adapting to your shape, our pieces reflect your personality and identity

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The Landau aesthetic

Landau dares to break the taboo around the subject of eroticism by combining couture and sensuality. This symbiosis reveals the intensity of the body in its sobriety

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About Mathias

Mathias Leignadier Landau, a young fashion designer, has had an atypical path that has shaped his personality and style. Coming from a Judeo-Moroccan culture, he grew up in Tel Aviv before moving to Paris at the age of 18 to become a professional dancer

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