About Landau

Our identity

Dancer and fashion designer Mathias Landau has shaped his brand identity with a unique vision.

Passionate about creation, he brings a new touch by combining the minimalist elegance of the dancer with the overflowing creativity of the fashion designer. His philosophy is to highlight the uniqueness of each body, using quality materials and precise tailoring techniques.

As a true artist, Mathias Landau is always looking for innovation in his creations. He thus combines aesthetics and functionality to offer elegant and practical accessories.

Our values

At Landau, our commitment to quality is reflected in every product we make. Each of our pieces is carefully handcrafted in our workshops in France to ensure impeccable finish and exceptional durability.

But Landau is more than just a brand. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and celebrating diversity.

LGBTQI+ friendly, we offer a range of non-gender specific products that fit all bodies and sizes.

At Landau, we believe that authenticity and uniqueness are the keys to beauty, and we are here to help you express yourself.

Our approach to fashion is different. We don't just want to dress you, we want to make you look good.

Each of our pieces is designed to reflect your personality and identity, reflecting your unique style. You deserve superior quality pieces that will help you feel confident and proudly display your individuality.

The Landau aesthetic

The Landau brand shakes up the taboos around eroticism, offering a unique approach to couture and sensuality.

We believe that elegance and sensuality can coexist, creating a timeless and bold aesthetic.

Our philosophy is based on symbiosis, which emphasizes the intensity of the body in all its sobriety.

We want our pieces to reflect your personality, while revealing your sensuality.