Who is Mathias?

Mathias Leignadier Landau, a young fashion designer, has an atypical background that has forged his personality and style. Coming from a Jewish-Moroccan background, he grew up in a small town near Tel Aviv before leaving for Paris at the age of 18 to become a professional dancer.

For three years, he underwent rigorous training at the Académie internationale de la Danse de Paris, where he perfected his technique and learned new dance styles. Although passionate about the art, he always felt that something was missing. It was on his birthday in 2019 that he discovered his true passion, fashion design.

Indeed, not knowing what to wear, he noticed a Balmain suit jacket adorned with rhinestones and diamonds. Although he could not afford it, he decided to make it himself. This experience was revealing for him and allowed him to find his way in the fashion world.

Mathias Landau adjusting one of his creations on a model during his fashion show in Paris in 2023.

Mathias started to bring together all his values, origins, culture, religion, training and hobby to offer something authentic and personal. He wanted his creations to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their gender, size or origin. That's why he decided to work mainly with flexible, supple materials that can be adjusted according to each person's morphology.

The use of elastic in his creations allows him to make his pieces comfortable and easily adaptable to all types of bodies. The chain, on the other hand, is an important element in his creations, as it allows each person who wears his clothes to customize them to their liking.

Mathias believes that the body is what dresses the garment, and this is reflected in his creations. He wants his pieces to showcase bodies of all genders and sizes, and for everyone to feel beautiful and comfortable in their clothes. He also wants to break taboos related to eroticism and allow people to express themselves freely through their appearance. His first collection, presented in March 2023, was a non-gender and inclusive collection that highlighted all body types.

Mathias Landau is a promising young fashion designer who has drawn on his eventful past to create authentic and unique pieces. His relationship with the body, which was already important to him as a professional dancer, is now at the heart of his creations. He has found his place in this industry thanks to his creativity, daringness and ability to think beyond conventions.